A Top Rated Elementary School in Lone Tree: Acres Green

One of three elementary schools serving Lone Tree, Acres Green Elementary is top rated—a great option for Heritage Hills residents!

Their mission statement, “Creating leaders, one child at a time,” says it all. This elementary school focuses on a leadership approach to learning that is based on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and is designed to build self-sufficiency and self-confidence in tomorrow’s leaders. Acres Green elementary is committed to individual attention and skill-building so that its students will grow into capable, innovative leaders in their personal and professional lives. It boasts its designation as one of only 100 schools internationally to have achieved the title of Lighthouse Status, an award which celebrates the integration of academics with well-rounded leadership methodologies.
The curriculum design and classroom pedagogy at Acres Green are designed to encourage the well-rounded academic development of each student. Students learn—and practice!—critical thinking skills in combination with traditional and creative approaches to literacy and mathematics. Technology is incorporated into lessons as preparation for success in the rapidly-evolving digital landscape of the twenty-first century. Additionally, a wide variety of gifted programs are offered to challenge and develop these growing leaders.
Elementary students have plenty of fun, too! Just look at their extensive list of options for clubs and groups to join. You know your child is great; Acres Green does, too. They “strive to make a school climate and culture that promotes the greatness in all children.”
To learn more about schools in Douglas County, Heritage Hills residents can take a look at the helpful list available on the community website. Or, have you had enough of the work and school routine this month? Check out the late summer events still going on in Lone Tree! Work hard, play hard.
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