Get Started on your Colorado Garden

These warm days remind us that it is almost time to plant! Here are some tips for how to get the most out of your garden this spring and summer. As you consider your outside space, let some of these ideas germinate.

  • It can be confusing to know when to plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers. For helpful and detailed information, check out one of the most trusted sources, The Farmer’s Almanac. April and early May are good times to plant broccoli, brussels sprouts, and beets. Also, their website includes an up-to-date planting schedule that works around frost dates and Colorado’s crazy weather patterns to help you garden like a pro.
  • An old trick to give your potted flowers a boost is to mix in used coffee grounds occasionally. Likewise, the next time you boil pasta noodles, save the water and use it to provide extra nutrients to fertilize your plants. These are easy ways to recycle and reuse materials.
  • Wondering whether old seeds are any good? Test their growth potential in a wet paper towel before planting them outside. Also, did you know that out-of-date milk can be used to fertilize plants? For more great ideas, check out these 25 Totally Clever Gardening Tips.
  • In order to prepare your space for a garden, spend some time turning the soil and mixing in high-quality top soil or planting mixture as well as fertilizer. Remember that vegetables thrive from fertilizers composed of blood, bone, and manure. In considering your space, do you need to prepare for squirrels, birds, or deer? They are as ready for your garden as you are!
There are many ways to take part in gardening even if you do not want to start your own. Denver Urban Gardens supports over 170 green spaces in the greater Metro area. Find a DUG group near you and check out their youth programs, community service events, and tasty produce.
Heritage Hills residents can get ready for spring outside and inside the home. Remember to check out these all-natural spring cleaning tips and tricks. As the weather warms up, get out and see the many parks, trails, and amenities that Lone Tree has to offer. 
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