Holiday Guest Room Prep

With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to set up an extra-special guest room to make sure that visitors feel relaxed, comfortable, and welcome in your home. Good news, this doesn’t require a lot of money, just some planning. Here are some items to consider.

  • Clean and stock linens. Make sure that bed sheets are freshly laundered, and consider leaving an extra pillow and blankets in guest rooms for maximum comfort.
  • Clear closet space. Ensure that guest room closets have ample space for your guests to hang their clothes. Don’t forget to leave a supply of hangers.
  • Don’t overlook guest room essentials. Be sure to check to make sure that light bulbs in lamps are not burned out, that the alarm clock is working, and that there are tissues on hand for runny noses.
  • The guest bath is just as important. A well stocked guest bathroom is just as important! Supply your guests with a fresh bar of soap, a hair dryer, a water cup, and a full roll of toilet paper. Also, be sure that plenty of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths are clean and ready for your guests.
Here’s to a wonderful holiday season in your home!
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