Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Summer time means pool time! Whether you are out to play or seeking joint-friendly exercise, keep these water safety tips in mind.

  • Who can swim? It is important to know how to swim when spending extended time around the water. One of the best swim programs in the Parker and Lone Tree area is Safesplash Swim School. Check out their summer programs.
  • Who can help? It goes without saying that children should be supervised around the pool, and around water in general. When spending time splashing around, familiarize yourself with the lifeguard stations and first aid availability. Contact your local Red Cross chapter to find out more about water safety protocols. This is also a great resource for learning CPR!
  • Read the signs. Before you play for the day, take a minute to read the signs around the pool. Where is the deep end? Is diving allowed? Where are the safety vests? Make this standard practice for pool time, just like the airline safety briefing before the plane takes off!
  • See something, say something. A little observation can go a long way. Anytime you are around water, pay attention to your surroundings and to other people around you. Not only is this a great way to stay safe and help others, it’s a great way to make friends and enjoy summertime!
Interested in learning more? The American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation created an online home pool essentials course that you can take for free. Summer is made for the water so get out there and enjoy it—safely.
Heritage Hills residents are ready to implement these tips when using their two Olympic-sized pools this summer. They also have convenient access to the beautiful aquatic facility at the Lone Tree Recreation Center. Stay cool by the (many!) pools.
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