Trick Or Treat: Alternatives to Candy

Kids get plenty of sugar these days, especially this month! Want to do something healthier—but still fun—for Halloween? We’ve come up with some alternatives to candy that will delight the little goblins who stop by your house this Halloween. They’ll delight the big goblins, too.

  • Give other types of treats. Simply skip the food concept altogether and give out a fun item instead. Many of these accessories can be bought in bulk at a comparable price to candy. Consider items such as glow sticks, Halloween themed pencils and pens, stickers, versions of Play Doh, or glow-in-the-dark bracelets.
  • If you’re feeling fancy, decorate apples or make popcorn balls. Hand out packets of apple cider or hot chocolate. Are those too close to candy? Consider making bags of flavored popcorn. Jazz them up with a bit of pumpkin spice seasoning. Other, fancier alternatives to consider might be bubbles or sets of glow-in-the-dark vampire fangs or bouncy balls.
  • Remember the big goblins. How about a bottle of water for the bedraggled parent? Consider handing out sticks of local honey, organic juice boxes, natural fruit leather strips, or healthy packets of trail mix…maybe with some extra protein to sustain energy.
  • Best on the block: If you’re looking for an activity to do as a family, carve Jack ‘O Lanterns out of oranges or clementines. These last for a while and smell wonderful. Or decorate balloons to hand out as a fun alternative to candy.
Happy Halloween! Don’t forget to treat yourself to something nice, too!
Heritage Hills residents enjoy a wonderful community layout for trick-or-treating. They also have convenient access to a wide variety of fitness and health options. You know, just to balance out all those treats…
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